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English Conversation

(English Conversation)

Learn to speak English in small groups, 100% by native speakers

English conversation course

In this class you will have the opportunity to practice and communicate in English in a small group to be effective or choose private one-to-one lessons or our online live course.

Practice speaking English through fun group activities based on role-playing and games. You will also practice your pronunciation skills with a native English speaker. This course will introduce you to new vocabulary, sentence patterns, grammar, as well as correct pronunciation to help you speak English effectively and fluently. You will find that learning English is easy!

Why study at BLC

So Chill!

Learn to speak English in a modern style atmosphere.

Small Groups!

Study English in small groups of 4-8 persons.

More Fun!

Activities designed to build confidence.

Native teachers

All courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced native English teachers who have trained and experienced in teaching with students. Leading organizations and various departments

Our teacher

- All teachers are native teachers

- Hold a certificate for teaching English specifically

- Teaching experience with leading organizations and organizations

- Develop teaching media and teaching techniques For the most effective learning

Box, Engineer

Online lessons are very easy for me to learn and I like that I can ask the teacher questions. I highly recommend.

Boom, Student

I love it! Not expensive for me and I learn with American teacher that live in Thailand. Small group so good for me.

Bui, Student

Online lessons is very good. I talk with teacher who is fun and is very nice. Good price best in Bangkok!

Learn English at BLC English in Nonthaburi where we focus on speaking English for everyday life and for work. Learn English with friendly and certified native English speakers that will help you be more fluent and confident when speaking English.


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