Learn English at BLC English in Nonthaburi where we focus on speaking English for everyday life and for work. Learn English with friendly and certified native English speakers that will help you be more fluent and confident when speaking English.








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English Course for Everyday Life (English Conversation)

This course focuses on improving learners speaking, listening, pronunciation and vocabulary skills.

Learn the English skills that you can use everyday. Learn common spoken phrases and expressions.

Practice your English skills with fun activities, games, role-plays and group discussions.

Conversation Course Highlights

The highlights of the general English conversation course

  • Taught by native English speakers

  • Teach 100% fresh English in every lesson

  • Taught by experienced and certified teachers

  • Classrooms are small groups 4 to 8 people for maximum efficiency

  • Focus on developing speaking and listening skills

  • Learning style through various activities in a fun atmosphere

  • Free English level test

Real World Topics

Practice conversation topics for everyday speaking

  • Family (Relationships)

  • Hobbies and Activities

  • Health and Fitness

  • Travel and World

  • Shopping

  • Food and Drink

  • Movies and Entertainment

  • Over 60 Conversation Topics!


Conversation Course

Saturday & Sunday

Class Size: 4-8 Persons

20 hours (5 weeks) = 4,500

30 hours (8 weeks) = 6,500

60 hours (15 weeks) = 12,500*

*certificate awarded 60hrs