Business English Class

Business English Course

(Business English Course)

Learn English for work and communication in the business world

Learn English for business

Business English course is designed to increase skills in all 4 areas, including listening, speaking, reading and writing for communicating in English in the business world. Focus on communication skills and business English vocabulary which can be applied to actual job positions.

The content will focus on business English skills development relating to various situations in real work, such as communication skills, writing impressive emails, giving presentations/meetings, negotiations, answering job interview questions and more. Taught by a native speaker with years of experience in teaching business English will enable you to enter the world of business communication with fluency and efficiency.


Business English course is performed in small groups of 4-8 persons for effective learning or can choose to study one-on-one or our online live course

Native teachers

All courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced native English teachers who have trained and experienced in teaching with students. Leading organizations and various departments

Our teacher

- All teachers are native teachers

- Hold a certificate for teaching English specifically

- Teaching experience with leading organizations and organizations

- Develop teaching media and teaching techniques For the most effective learning


Students will receive a certificate when completing the course​.

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Learn English at BLC English in Nonthaburi where we focus on speaking English for everyday life and for work. Learn English with friendly and certified native English speakers that will help you be more fluent and confident when speaking English.


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